Inexperienced workers wanted at La Casa de Las Carcasses

2022-06-15 12:11:02 By : Mr. Chomy Huang

La Casa de Las Cascas seeks to hire new employees to coincide with the opening of several stores throughout Spain.These are the requirements.La Casa de Las Cascas, a company specializing in the sale of accessories for smartphones and mobile devices, has established itself as one of the most successful Spanish companies in the market, not only in terms of annual global turnover, but also in terms of employment matter.The company of origin from Extremadura, with a presence in other European countries such as Italy or Portugal, exclusively announces its new job offers, coinciding with the opening of 6 new stores in Catalonia, the Basque Country or Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, which they will join the 1,664 workers spread throughout the country.From its Human Resources team, it focuses on the fact that one of the great advantages of occupying a position in one of its hundreds of establishments is that it is not necessary to demonstrate previous experience in customer service, since training is offered paid by the team.However, experience in Retail will be positively valued, so if you do have it, it is recommended to include it in the curriculum in a visible way.There is no doubt that involvement, teamwork and the ability to learn are key skills to be part of its solid and consolidated workforce.Nor should we forget the passion for personalized customer service and sales.As for the salary bands for vacant positions such as 'Store Manager', they start from 16,500 to 21,000 euros gross per year for full-time shifts, that is, 40 hours a week.In the case of the 'Dependants', there is a fixed salary plus commissions, depending on the achievement of objectives.In both cases, there are discounts for employees.These new premises of La Casa de las Carcasses, located both in shopping and leisure centers as well as in historic centres, repeat their successful formula based on an open-plan format to reinforce the visibility of the product and a cheerful and carefree atmosphere.As a differential value, the brand is committed to an outstanding shopping experience, featuring the personalized attention of its expert staff, who guide and advise the customer throughout the purchase process, both in the aesthetic and technical aspects of the product.On the other hand, it should be mentioned that the multinational is committed to professional development, but also personal.In other words, from the time of incorporation, it will be involved in training and development to promote talent in order to grow professionally, as in the case of access to continuous training e-learning platforms.To send your resume to La Casa de Las Cascas, simply access its Employment Portal.It is an online platform from which the latest job offers published by the company are renewed and updated.You can apply through the InfoJobs profile.In another case, the candidate can register with a username and password.You just have to fill out an online form.