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Chill a warm room in your home in less than 30 seconds when using a ChillWell Portable Air Conditioner.

Is ChillWell a quality product? What is the secret behind cooling a room without using a traditional AC? Here’s the lowdown on ChillWell below.What is a ChillWell Portable Air Conditioner?

Receive cooling relief from ChillWell’s portable air cooler. A typical AC window unit is powerful enough to cool a large room. ChillWell, on the other hand, works best when attempting to cool smaller rooms. Keep the kitchen at a reasonable temperature as you cook or bake. Feel the breeze as you relax in the living room. If you have a home office, it will work here as well.

Why cool the rest of the rooms in your home when you’re only using one or two rooms throughout the day? Save money on your electricity bill today by using a ChillWell unit to cool specific areas of your home.

Go to to get your personal air cooler for less than $90 before taxes, which is 55% off the listed price.The Perks of ChillWell

Here are the perks of using ChillWell:No cord is needed as it runs; can put it anywhere you need it.The battery recharges for repeat use.Saves energy in your home.Cools down a room in less than 30 seconds.Reduce your electric bill.Customize how fast the fan goes (low, medium, high, and turbo settings).How ChillWell Works

Anyone can use the ChillWell. Charge the appliance, get the water cooling cartridge it comes with soaked in water for the recommended time frame, and install it into the device as shown. Now you can get the cooling you need no matter where you are in your home or outside of it.

Manufacturers behind ChillWell coined this phenomenon as Hydro-Chill Technology which transforms the heat in your environment into moist and cool air.

Conventional ACs utilize evaporators to get the moisture out of your environment. The hot air from outside your home cycles into the cold air to cool your home.

ChillWell is different in that it does not remove the air’s moisture. The appliance’s cooling cartridge helps to cool down the room but keeps the moisture in the air. Hence, you can get a better cooling experience with a more moist, cooled environment rather than the dryness you feel when running your conventional AC.

Most people don’t realize that coughs and other respiratory-related illnesses occur due to dry air from traditional style AC appliances. Other issues such as dry skin can also result from air conditioning being too strong and too cold. ChillWell cools your environment without these same side effects that a traditional AC causes because it maintains the moisture levels.

Some product perks of ChillWell and its iconic Hydro-Chill Technology include:

Quickly Cools An Area: Rather than cool a whole area of your apartment or house, you can cool down a smaller area at a time throughout your home with ChillWell. You can take command of where in your home you need cool air.

Reduce Your Electric Bill: A traditional AC unit can spike up your electric bills during the hotter months of the year. You can reduce your electric bill by charging up ChillWell and using it only where needed in your home.

Customizable Fan Speed: Sometimes you don’t need the room to feel like the Arctic. Have a bit of air to breathe in as you sleep at night by turning it on low. If you are up and about in the afternoon, you can put it on high to cool you off as you are mobile through your home.

Ice Cubes For Extra Cooling: If you want the appliance to give off extra cooling air, grab some ice cubes, open the cooler tank, and throw them in. This will expedite the cooling of a very hot room such as your attic if you need to rummage for something you need or want up there.

The Highest Setting: The highest cooling setting is the turbo mode to get a room cool super fast.

Recharge the Battery: You do not have to plug in ChillWell for it to operate. Charge it up wherever you are and let it run on battery power. ChillWell is great for cooling down in a cabin at a campground or wherever else you are in the wilderness.

Cool Down in Less Than 30 Seconds: Air conditioners can take a while to cool a room down. ChillWell can get an area cooled down in less than 30 seconds where you need it.

Ease of Usage: ChillWell is not a complicated appliance to use. Charging the appliance is much like charging a smartphone. Plug it into the wall, let it charge, and once it’s fully charged, you can remove it from the power source for an easy cooling experience.

Money-Saving Cooling Solution: Get the energy efficiency you desire by trying out ChillWell. You will notice a huge change in your energy bills. You can put those savings towards another bill while enjoying the money-saving cooling solution ChillWell brings you and your family.

Light Your Way At Night: If you want to use ChillWell at night, it has a night light equipped to it. This is great for a kid’s bedroom or if you like to sleep with a light on at night.

A Different Cooling Experience With a Freezer: When you need a cooler experience, soak the water cartridge in water and place it in the freezer. The cooler air will be longer-lasting with this technique.

Take ChillWell Anywhere: You do not have to limit yourself to using ChillWell at home. Take it to your office, your college dorm room, or a mess hall for a special event.

Different Colors for the LED Night Light: You are not limited to just a white night light on ChillWell. Customize the color you or your child wants for the night whether purple, red, yellow, green, teal, or standard white.

No HVAC System Needed: Some traditional ACs operate thanks to an HVAC system installed throughout your home. ChillWell does not need an HVAC system. Simply charge it up and let it run wherever you need cool air. If you rent a house or apartment or go to college, ChillWell is a great solution for cooling your dwelling place.

How ChillWell Cools Your Environment

Hydro-Chill Technology from ChillWell gets the air cool quickly in your environment thanks to evaporation. The cooling cartridge is a vital component of the entire appliance. Put the cartridge into a bucket of water, have it soak for the recommended time, and install it into the device. Then you’ll have crisp cool air wherever you need it.

The cooling cartridge stays inside a water tank. Before turning on the appliance, you soak the cartridge in this tank. If desired, add ice cubes to enhance the cool air it emits.

Despite its name, ChillWell blasts warm and dry air at first. Because of the water cartridge, it turns cool thanks to the evaporation science in the device. Since ChillWell blows out warm air first, it can undergo the evaporation process from the cold water and cooling cartridge inside of it. Finally, you can have cool and moist air that expels into your environment.

Choose from one of four fan speeds to get the cool air distributed at the capacity you desire. Plus, there’s no dryness in your environment like a conventional AC will cause.

The spongy material of the cooling cartridge helps the Hydro-Cooling Technology to take place. Give your appliance a new cooling cartridge at least every 30 to 90 days based on how often you use the device. No indicator is on the device to remind you when it’s time to get a new cooling cartridge, so this part is up to you.

With not as much humidity in the air and a heightened temperature, ChillWell will let off more evaporation to get the air very cool.The Product Specifications for ChillWell

More information about how the ChillWell looks and measures:The size of the water tank is 550 mL.Length: 6.7” inches.Width is 5.7” inches.Height is 6.3” inches.Weight: 1lb 13 oz.

The rechargeable battery lasts for approximately 8 hours on the highest setting. If you use the medium setting constantly, it can last 10 hours. Constant usage on the low setting helps the battery to last 12 hours. If running strictly on battery, it can last for three and a half hours. If you have it plugged into a power source, refer to how long it will last above. The current temperature and humidity of the room will change how long the battery lasts as well.ChillWell Product Setup and Usage

You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to set up a ChillWell Portable AC unit.How to Charge the ChillWell Air Cooler

ChillWell Air Cooler best operates when sitting level. Charge up the device by inputting the USB cable into and hooking it to a USB adaptor power source.

If you do not have a wall adaptor, you can charge it using your PC or laptop’s USB input. Since the device does not have a USB power adaptor included, you must provide one for the device or use any PC or laptop you have on hand.

The blinking light shows that the device is currently charging up. When the light stops blinking, this means the battery is at a full charge.ChillWell it Cooler SetupTake the cooling cartridge out of the ChillWell device.Place the cartridge under cold water in one of your sinks and let the water run on it. You can freeze the cartridge to enhance the cooling experience.Put the cartridge back into the cartridge tab drawer once you have completed these steps.Place water into the tank until it gets to the top. Reference the tank’s sides to be sure the water is filled. Put ice cubes inside of the water tank for an enhanced cooling experience.ChillWell Air Cooler UsageClick on the button with the fan to activate the device. It will start in high fan mode.Click on the fan button until you get to your desired setting. Press it 3 times for low, twice for medium, and the Plus button to go on the turbofan setting.Increase the airflow that emits from the device by having the tab placed upward or downward.Pressing the Sun button will allow you to change the night light color to a specific solid color or rotate through all of them.The Snowflake button allows you to either have cooling higher or lower.How to Store and Maintain A ChillWell AC

If you do not need to use ChillWell Air Cooler for long periods of time, dump the water and let it dry to prevent mold from growing in the unit before storing it away for later use.

Set aside time every 7 days to clean your current water cartridge, so it performs well. Put it in the dishwasher as you would normally wash your dishes. You can also wash in a traditional sink with warm water and mild dish detergent. Microwaving it for up to two minutes can remove the impurities.

If you notice mold or another unpleasant odor coming from the water cartridge, soak it in a vinegar and water solution (1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water) for about an hour to get the mold out of it.

Price Points for ChillWell Air Cooler

Grab a ChillWell Portable Air Cooler for 55% off its original ticketed price from

These are the price points as shown on their website’s shop:One ChillWell: $89.99Two ChillWells: $179.99Three ChillWells: $201.99Four ChillWells: $269.99

Shipping costs are not included in the costs outlined above. You will not know the shipping price until you are ready to check out with one or more units.Refund Policy for ChillWell Appliances

When you buy ChillWell, you have 60 days to decide if you want to love it or return it.

Petition for a full refund before the 60-day mark if you have not used your ChillWell appliance and it is still in its box.

The refund policy states that if you have already started using your ChillWell appliance and are unsatisfied, it cannot be returned to the company.ChillWell Company Description

Ontel Products Corporation is the manufacturer behind ChillWell, with headquarters in Fairfield, NJ.

Contact them either of these ways:Email: 888-998-6324.You can contact them by mail at 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ 07004.

There is another address based in Las Vegas, Nevada. All their products are created in China.Final Thoughts

ChillWell will keep your home cool throughout the hotter months of the year and keep your electric bill low.

Setup is easy, and it’s convenient portability can work to cool areas even outside of your home. Cool your environment in less than 30 seconds with a ChillWell unit.

Learn more information about the company and purchase the air cooler by visiting

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