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2022-07-31 18:57:39 By : Ms. Kate Wu

The tourism company launched a new business unit dedicated to temporary rentals, a segment that globally is expected to represent 17% of the total billing for the accommodation category, according to the company.The product portfolio is made up of 265,000 apartments, 97,000 houses, 17,000 cabins and another 40,000 properties including condominiums, country houses, campsites and houseboats.More than 50,000 of those properties are pet friendly, the company reported.The destinations where this type of accommodation is most in demand are Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Córdoba, Ushuaia and Iguazú, as well as others such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil.This content was made thanks to the support of the El Destape community.Join.Let's keep making history.Samsung opened a new store in Mar del PlataThe electronics company Samsung Argentina opened its 20th own store in the country in Mar del Plata, for the direct sale of its mobile products, professional advice to potential buyers and equipment repair.From the company they indicated that in the 121-square-meter premises, consumers will be able to consult software and hardware with technicians certified by Samsung;in addition to learning about the brand's smart TVs, and the variety of mobile line products (smartphones, tablets, watches, headphones and accessories).The store has a 27m2 space for customer service and smartphone repair service, run by certified professionals who work with original spare parts;therefore, the equipment has an official guarantee from the company.The Advent fund joins Cemex to support the digital transformation businessThe Advent investment fund will partner with the Cemex group, to accelerate the growth and development of the firm Neoris, dedicated to supporting companies in the financial, telecommunications, media, manufacturing, retail, goods and services sectors in the continuous digital transformation. consumption, among others.Both companies indicated that with the support of Advent, Neoris will deepen its focus on high-growth, cutting-edge verticals such as artificial intelligence, data science, cloud solutions and automation, among others.Founded more than 20 years ago, Neoris has executed more than 1,200 large-scale projects for more than 350 clients and currently has more than 5,000 employees located in 14 countries in Latin America, the United States and Europe.Record number of cryptocurrency app downloads in EuropeThe European continent reported a 284% jump in the number of downloads of applications linked to bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, such as exchanges and wallets, in just one year, according to a private report.As reported by the companies Entravisión and Apptopia, the jump was recorded between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the same period of 2021.They added that Europe reported an average of more than 70,000 installations of cryptocurrency applications per day in the first quarter of 2022, with the applications of the Binance and exchanges being the most popular in the old continent.LG partnered with SoundHound to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into carsLG Electronics (LG) has signed a memorandum of understanding with SoundHound AI, Inc. (SoundHound), to jointly develop advanced voice artificial intelligence technology for the next generation of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.The partnership will leverage LG's innovative IVI systems and SoundHound's advanced voice artificial intelligence platform, which enables conversational voice control, to bring an upgraded comfort to the driver and passenger experience.SoundHound's voice AI platform is based on Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies, which enabled the evolution of the voice experience from a legacy command-and-control interface to more intuitive conversational functionality for drivers and passengers .With information from TelamTHE UNCOVERING FAIR ►The story behind the D10S logo, the symbol of Maradona#AltaData is over: this is your farewell (greetings from Indio Solari)The worst of the USA: they confess that they carry out coupsTour of claims in the patriotic weekendNelson Castro went crazy and attacked his Kirchnerist guestsViolence and delirium: the worst of the #9J marchCristina, Alberto and Massa: the meeting that anticipates what is to come.Vidal promises more adjustmentOwner: Talar Producciones SA CUIT: 33-71448833-9National Directorate of Copyright - IN PROCESS Edition Nº - 2825 - 07/31/2022Journalistic Director of El Destape Roberto Navarro - redaccion@eldestapeweb.comCommercial contact -