The example of Intex and Havaianas or how to automate marketing processes to achieve better results

2022-07-27 07:41:41 By : Mr. Alex Ou

The development of technology has opened up a world of consumption possibilities.The purchase journey of users is constantly moving, changing channels and devices.We work with mobile phones, tablets, computers and smartphones, but we also have connected devices and smart TVs at home where we see advertising through traditional channels or on platforms such as YouTube.The possibilities are endless and, therefore, both advertisers and agencies have opted to automate marketing processes, to identify their potential customers and reach them at the right time.In a comprehensive article published on the Insights Think with Google website, three media agency leaders explain the benefits and problems they have encountered in helping their clients.3Q/Dep's Joe Kerschbaum, Dentsu Media's Bruce Williams, and Wpromote's David Dweck all agree that automation makes it possible to accomplish what isn't possible with a limited human team.Among the examples that we can discover in this report, the commitment of the Spanish agency Viva!Conversion and its client Intex with the launch of the Maximum Performance application to boost the sale of swimming pools and accessories.The result: a 95% increase in return on ad spend.To introduce an innovative technology in digital marketing, it is necessary that between the agency and the client there is a high dose of trust and harmony."Advertisers must know that to be pioneers you have to take risks," explains Dweck, who is betting that advertisers jump in to take advantage of new tools.This was done by the Spanish agency Apache Digital and the Brazilian sandals brand Havaianas. Do you want to discover what the results were?Well, don't miss all the details of this experience on the Think with Google site.On the Think with Google site you can find this and other interesting articlesAny reproduction without the written permission of the company is prohibited for the purposes of article 32.1, second paragraph, of the Law on Intellectual Property.Likewise, for the purposes established in article 33.1 of the Intellectual Property Law, the company records the corresponding reservation of rights, by itself and through its editors or authors.

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